His Heart Stopped Beating. Then A Surveillance Camera Caught A Nurse Doing THIS!

Trauma nurse, Ola Yost, had just started her shift when she saw John's girlfriend, Janet Carter rush by, in need of help. She responded by running to get a stretcher and performing continued CPR on John even as he was being wheeled into the hospital. The team spent a total of 45 minutes resuscitating John. Watch how the inspiring team worked together successfully on his behalf.

#3 I'd Be Dead

#3 I'd Be Dead

An emergency can come knocking at your door at any time. Unknowingly and unwillingly it can take away a beloved family member and cause a lot of grief to you and the people close to you. Sometimes you just know when it is time for someone to go. But sometimes, people are taken from us even before it is time. This was not one of those times.

"If it wasn't for this team at Salem Hospital, I'd be dead." With these powerful words the video starts. These words were spoken by the 65-year-old John Juras. John Juras was taken to the hospital at his request by his girlfriend. As they got there his girlfriend tried to tell him but realized that his heart had stopped beating.

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#2 Ola Yost

#2 Ola Yost

Janet Carter, John's Girlfriend, rushed into the hospital. Honking hadn't worked. She yelled out to the only two attendants that she could find. The attendants followed her to the car, but they knew it was serious only when she yelled out for them to get the stretcher.

The attendants returned with doctors and nurses in tow. The entire emergency team was there. They knew there was an emergency and they were all there to help. Ola Yost, who had been the first person to see Janet when she came in was also the one who performed emergency CPR on John. Without the CPR, saving his life was close to impossible. Go to the next page to see the video and just how this miracle was achieved.

#1 The Value Of Life

The entire team spent a complete 45 minutes trying to resuscitate John. His heartbeat recovered and faded several times during those 45 minutes. Watch this video to hear just how grateful John is for his life. Share this video if you too understand the value of life and how much these people worked to save it.

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