Her Husband Is Late To Their Daughter's Recital. Then Mom Notices Something Strange On Stage.

I never thought that an advertisement from Quaker could bring me to tears but this short video titled 'The Recital' did exactly that

#3 This Father Daughter bond is Timeless and splended.

#3 This Father Daughter bond is Timeless and splended.

A father, they say is a daughters guardian angel. She looks up to him and she thinks every problem she has will have to go through him. A father would share the love back with her making her feel secure and will always be here to hold her right from her first step to her heart breaks to her most important decisions in life. Its overwelming to see daddy's little girl sharing her moments of joy in what she does with her father.

Imagine what a father would give to be a young and free soul, to be like her and when a dad was given a chance to do something beautiful with his daughter and share and cherish the same memory for a lifetime he did something that shook millions worldwide and spell bound the audience that was watching it......

#2 Father daughter share the stage and leave countless people spell bound with their cuteness overload.

#2 Father daughter share the stage and leave countless people spell bound with their cuteness overload.

Well, a father was asked what was the most amazing thing that he would love to do and he said spend time with his daughter. So Quakers gave him a chance. His ten year old daughter Lauren is a dancer and to her at her age dance was life. She shuffles between a lot of dance lessons and different types of dances.

When the actual day of the dance recital came for lauren, her mom showed up in the audience and called laurens dad's cell. Mom calls him repeatedly, worried that he'll miss Lauren's big performance. He texts back saying he will reach soon and asked to save a seat for him but the recital begins and mom is proud to see her little girl dancing and just when she thought it couldent get any better and this is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen, something magical happens.Her eyes were left peeled, she was spellbound with what she saw.

To see what left her in tears check the next page.

#1 The recital that left everybody in tears.

The father joined his daughter on stage to dance. the audience was over welmed. but the mother sitting in the audience was left speachless and in tears. She knew about the love that her husband and daughter shared and seeing them share it on stage with the world through dance made her magical.

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