Her Grandson Was Killed In Orlando. What These Passengers Did On Her Way To His Funeral? Tears!

What these JetBlue Passengers did for the grandmother of a man slain in the Orlando shooting at Pulse will restore your faith in humanity

#3 Grieving moment

#3 Grieving moment

In the midst of the grief of the bereft relatives of people killed during the Orlando shooting, there are some stories that are like the silver lining on the moon..

Though the pain of losing their loved one can never be paralleled, the support from different communities across the world surely provides strength to the relatives of these people.

The heartwarming support of the co-passengers and the flight attendants for this grieving grandmother who was flying to Orlando to attend his grandson's funeral will surely make you weak in heart!

#2 JetBlue Employee shares the story

#2 JetBlue Employee shares the story

The entire story was shared by JetBlue employee Kelly Davis Karas in her Facebook post, in which she mentions how she along with her colleague took all measures to provide every comfort they can to the sad grandma.

They stood by her all the time and provided her with tissues, water bottles and warm blankets. She also mentions in her post that this woman met them with all the love and kindness after being unspeakably distraught and hence they also best cared for her

But, what the co-passengers did to offer their condolences would surely restore your faith in humanity.

#1 Solidarity

#1 Solidarity

Each passenger of the flight wrote a note to offer their grievances, some people were sorry for what happened, other provided her with comfort words, some wrote PARAGRAPHS about what they felt for this horrible and hideous scarred reality!

But what amazed me is that Kelly wrote that " EACH PASSENGER STOPPED TO OFFER HER THEIR CONDOLENCES." While some hugged her, some just touched her hands and some people even cried with her to share her grief!

This is proof that humanity still exists and when one man chooses to blinding scar the face of humanity, there are millions of people to restore the faith.

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