He Was Born Blind, but His Amazing Talent Changed Everything!

When this brilliant young musician was asked to speak about his disabilities, he responded boldly, Not disabilities at all. More abilities. Patrick Henry Hughes...

#2 Inspiration To Many

#2 Inspiration To Many

There are certain people who are strong at their heart and have a desire to be something in life. That desire is so strong that they find their way through the tough times. Such are the people who become our inspiration and show us that nothing in this world is impossible, you only need a compassion for it. Patrick Henry Hughes is one of them. He was born visually impaired and cannot straighten his arms and legs completely, making him unable to walk.

While some people practice over the years and make themselves perfect like This 81 Year-Old Man Picks Up A Guitar In Music Store, Leaves Everyone STUNNED!, Patrick was naturally gifted. By his second birthday he was already taking requests. Of course, his family has been a big support to him. Without his father's guidance and love, he might not have been where he is today. His father says that he has learnt a lot from his son.

Patrick has been through a rough journey and yet came out as an accomplished and a positive person. Look on the next page how he became the man that he is and what he has to say.

#1 Light Of The Moon

What Patrick had to say about music:
"When I play music, especially classical pieces, everything changes. I feel the music through me. It surrounds me, lifting me, like I'm swimming in water and feeling lighter. When I play Debussy's 'Clair De Lune' (which means 'Light of the moon' in French), even though I don't know what moonlight looks like, I think about a beautiful night outside with a soft breeze blowing. And as I keep playing, I'm there, experiencing it."

Keeping this beauty in mind, let's watch what his journey was like.

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