He Walked 10 Miles In A Snowstorm For An Interview, But He Never Expected This To Happen. Tears!

This is a touching story of how one chance encounter between two strangers ended up changing one young man's life!

#3 The Worst

#3 The Worst

Everyone thinks that their job is the worst. Even if their job is not listed among the worst, people always assume that it is. They take their job for granted.

Unlike this young man. This young man needed a job and he wouldn't shy away from a bit of hard work. But even he couldn't see this coming.

#2 Papa Roux

#2 Papa Roux

Art Bouvier, owner of 'Papa Roux' sat outside his restaurant. A snowstorm raged on, it was a slow day at the restaurant. When a young man came up to him asking for directions in the middle of a snowstorm he found it a bit odd.

He told the man his destination was about 6-7 miles away. He would be better off taking the bus in this weather. The young man thanked Art and carried on.

Out on an errand, Art saw that the young man was still walking. Surprised at this he asked the man why he would be walking 6-7 miles in the middle of a snowstorm?

#1 Jhaqueil Reagan

The young mans name is Jhaqueil Reagan. He is only 18. And his answer is sure to touch your heart.

It moved Art so much so that he offered Jhaquiel a lift to his interview. But that wasn't all. Watch the video to know the full story. Share it with all the people who seem to forget just how important it is to have a stable job.

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