He Protects His Little Sister From Their Abusive Mother. Then Mom Does The Unthinkable...

There is nothing like a mother's love, but when a mother withholds that love and doesn't give it unconditionally, it can be damaging for her children.

#3 Meet Alex And Brittney

#3 Meet Alex And Brittney

For a young child a mother is very important. Young children meet their mother before anyone else. In fact in nature there is nothing like a mother's love. It is the most beautiful and pure thing out there. But when a mother withholds that love and doesn't give it unconditionally, it can be damaging for her children. This mother did the same with her children. But the children were lucky enough to get away.

Meet Alex and Brittney, they are two such children who had a neglectful mother. Not just neglectful there were times when The mother would even turn abusive. With no other option but to defend themselves the older brother Alex took up the role of protecting his sister. He is a great role model for elder siblings everywhere. The video features Alex and Brittney who are just the cutest little angels you have ever met. Watch them tell their story in their own words on the next page.

#2 Their Forever Family

#2 Their Forever Family

"I remember my old mom wasn't treating me nice when I was little", says Alex. He says that she would have fights with people and completely ignore his younger sister who needed a mother. To avoid her fights and bad influence young Alex would pick her up and take her to a place which he thought was safe. Can it get any worse? Yes, it can.

"I saw her doing a lot of smoke and not paying attention to me and my sister". Alex witnessed his mother doing drugs at many occasions. The neglectful mother who already thought the children were an annoyance decided to get rid of them and sent them to a foster home. After Alex and Brittney spent a year in and out of foster care, they met their forever family. The family that adopted them. Alex admits that the first night was scary at a new home. Watch the happy family on the next page. The video is sure to move you.

#1 It Took Just A Glance

When asked about his experience with his new family Alex says "I didn't have grown-ups that would take care of me like this - love me so much...". A foster home is not a real home for any child. Foster homes cannot give children the individual attention they need. For the parents who adopted Alex and Brittney it took just one glance at their photos to know that those were their babies.Those parents saved 2 lives and gained something irreplaceable in the process. Watch this beautiful video and share it with your friends. Remind the of the good that still exists in the world.

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