He Just Found Out That His Daughter Is Being Bullied At School, But Watch What He Does About It

A concerned father finds out that his daughter is being bullied in school. He writes a beautiful song to help his daughter and everyone who has ever been bullied. He tells them that the most important thing in the world is to love yourself.

Say No To Bullying

Say No To Bullying

When I was a kid I felt like I was a bully magnet. For some reason I just seemed like the kind of guy who would be easy to pick on. I never felt like there was anything wrong with me, in fact my mother was somehow convinced that I was the cutest most perfect little thing in the world. It was just all the other little boys and girls in the world who seemed to disagree with that.

People can be extremely mean at times. Especially young children, they do not understand that their words can affect other people. This can knowingly or unknowingly lead to bullying. While young children cannot be completely held responsible for their actions it is a parents duty to deal with such problems . The way this parent dealt with it is amazing.

Love Yourself

Love Yourself

When Khari found out that his daughter was being bullied in school he decided to do something about it. He decided to send out a message to not just his own daughter but also to the millions of people out there that it was okay to be yourself. What did he do?

He wrote a song about it. The song starts off with Khari's daughter telling him that kids have been bullying her at school. Khari then proceeds to tell her the words that every child needs to hear : "I'm beautiful, I'm worthy, and those mean words can't hurt me. I'm priceless, I'm smart, and I love myself."

Spread The Word

Bullying is a social problem. No matter how much care parents take it is impossible to completely eradicate the problem of bullying. A bully targets the weak spots of a person and exploits them.

The only way to truly get rid of bullying is to instill into our children love for themselves. Share this video. Spread the word. Bullying is a crime.

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