He Couldn't Blow Out His Candle. Dad's Solution? This Is Some Smart Parenting!

A 2 year old finds it difficult to blow out the candle on his cake. Dad comes up with a simple and safe solution for the child.

Childhood Problems

Childhood Problems

Ah, childhood, the best days of your life. The glory days. When you didn't have to worry about the future, or being able to put food on the table. Where your biggest worry was being bored. But it wasn't all fun and games. There was a certain amount of fear involved. The fear of not knowing.

We all knew very little when we were young. Everything we are today is the sum of all the experiences we have had. But when you are two years old you do not really have any experience. This child had a similar experience with his birthday cake. Being only 2 years old he did not have a lot of experience with birthdays. Watch what his father did to help him out.

Just watch

This 2 year old tries his hardest to blow out the candles. But how can you just do something you have never learned? He tries to blow it out by getting closer and closer to the candle. Presenting a danger to himself. His father helps him out by using this smart trick. What did he do? Just watch.

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