Female Army Captain Collapses On The Ground, Now Watch How The Soldiers Treat Her. SPEECHLESS!

She's a true inspiration to all of us

#3 The Army

#3 The Army

'Military is a tough place' would be an understatement. You need strength, determination and will power to rise to the top of the ranks.

This woman manages to show all of them while giving a very difficult test. And what the other soldiers do to not make her give up is just incredible...

Check out what they do for her.

#2 A True Soldier

#2 A True Soldier

To earn the Expert Field Medical Badge, an honour given to military medical personnel, the candidates are supposed to complete a set of severe written and physical test. Sarah Cudd was one of those 46 candidates

For the last part of the physical test, they are supposed to march a 12-mile road carrying a large pack and rifle.
Exhausted from all the tests all day, she collapses just a few feet before the finish line.

But what motivated her to complete the march despite being drained is just amazing!
Check out the video!

#1 The Video

We salute this soldier who inspire all of us to never give up!

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