Feeling Guilty Leaving Her Dog Home Alone, Her 'Solution' Has Astonished Everyone.

You love your pet dogs but they will develop separation anxiety if you're out working most of the day. Here's an ingenious solution that will bring you and your pooch closer than ever.

#4 You Are Missed

#4 You Are Missed

It is difficult to spend enough time with your friends and family because of your 9 to 5 job (or worse) in today's world. But what if you have a pet in your family?

Your friends and family will understand why you can't spend enough time with them, but your dog won't. He will develop separation anxiety for sure. If you come home to torn pillows or scratched doors or your neighbors tell you he's been barking all day, your dog probably already has it.

This girl came up with an ingenious solution and it works! Keep reading to find out!

#3 Meet Kayla and Brooke

#3 Meet Kayla and Brooke

Brooke Martin's family rescued Kayla, their dog, a few years ago and she is now an inseparable part of the family. As time passed by, everyone in the Martin family got busier and busier and soon Kayla was being left home alone everyday and she was becoming visibly anxious.

Brooke used her iPhone and a some junk from her garage to come up with iCPooch, a brilliant way to keep in touch with Kayla while she was away.

The results were amazing. Keep reading to find out how it works and how you can get one.

#2 How It Works

#2 How It Works

iCPooch uses your home WiFi network and you can use it with any smartphone or tablet to keep you in touch with your dog. iCPooch will auto-answer your call. You can not only see and hear each other but also deliver treats with the push of a button!

The results were fantastic. Kayla's anxiety diminished within a matter of weeks and now they're a happier family than ever.

But Brooke and Kayla have a message for all of us. Keep reading to watch the video.

#1 The Entire Story

Hear the entire story from Brooke herself. And to make iCPooch a real deal, she needs a little bit of support.

Don't forge to share this brilliant idea with fellow pet owners and lovers.

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