Everyone Ignores Him When His Car Breaks Down. When I Saw Who Finally Helped Him, I Was In Tears

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The Kindness of Strangers

The Kindness of Strangers

We often face problems in life. It is the way of life, to test you to see your mettle. To have you face hard times just so you could appreciate the good times.

How do we get through life even with all these problems? How do we deal with so many problems on a daily basis? It's simple, with the help of our friends and family. Yes, with the help of people who are most close to us, or the ones who gradually become close to us.

We rely on the kindness of people to get through life. Ryan, from HammyTV decided to conduct an experiment to find out just how much we can rely on the kindness of strangers today. What did he do?

The Inherent Good in Humanity

The Inherent Good in Humanity

He propped his old car up on the side of the road with its bonnet up. It was clear that his car had run into some trouble and he was in need of some assistance. He waited by his car and yet nothing seemed to happen.

Ryan was beginning to lose faith. It was a busy road. Cars kept on passing by, each and every single one of them completely ignoring him. 2 whole hours passed in this way. When finally someone did stop. Meeting this person left Ryan with a completely renewed faith in the inherent good in humanity. Who was this person?

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The person who finally helped Ryan was a kind hearted soul that recently survived a house fire. The man had suffered additional burns when he went back inside to rescue his dog, which still could not survive its injuries. Fortunately for the man, he passed out due to excess smoke inhalation. Which helped him survive the entire ordeal.. And in surviving, it seems instead of being bitter, he chose the higher road...that of helping others. It was truly moving seeing him reach out.

"Sometimes those that need help the most, are the ones that give the most.." Next time you see someone in need of help, don't be indifferent. Extend your hand even if it takes an extra minute of your time to do the right thing.

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