Defying Physics? Thai Buddhist Monk Meditates In Huge Vat Of Boiling Oil Over Raging Fire

A video of a Buddhist friar imploring placidly in a vat of bubbling oil has been making rounds on the web.

#3 Power Of God

#3 Power Of God

Meet St. Joseph of Cupertino. He was known for FLYING. Yes, really. Seen here is a depiction of him flying.

Other records in history indicate him flying in front of a large number of people. That too frequently. One time he flew in front of an entire audience that had gathered for the pope! Strangely enough, he ended up in a prison cell because his power was considered to be a nuisance!

Well, this was a long time ago. But what if I told you saints with superpowers exist even today? Keep reading to find out.

#2 It's Hot

#2 It's Hot

This monk is sitting in a big bowl full of oil with a hot fire burning underneath. Just in case you were wondering, oil gets a lot more hot than water when heated. And he's SITTING in it.

He's not just sitting in it, it doesn't seem to bother him at all. He seems to really have attained what's dubbed "inner peace" or "nirvana." Too good to be true?

Keep reading to watch the video. Then see if you can believe your eyes.

#1 Watch It

All that you've read so far sounded so unbelievable right? Pictures can be photoshopped too! But watch the video. Then you will really believe me.

This monk truly seems to have won the favour of god!

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