Dad Completely Knocks Out Drunk Young Punk On The Beach For Messing With His Girls

This dude totally had a 'who's your daddy' moment! Read the whole story!

#3 What A Beautiiful Day

#3 What A Beautiiful Day

It was a weekend and dad had decided to take some time out from his busy schedule to spend some time with his family. What better place to go than the beach, yeah?

They were all having a great time when this dude decides to walk in and piss everyone off! What happens next will blow your mind!

#2 Want A Piece Of Me?

#2 Want A Piece Of Me?

It was almost evening and this dude walks and starts trying to hit on the girls in the family. If you have any civic sense, you know doing that in front of the girls' father raises every red flag in society.

The incident quickly escalates and the girls want him gone. The dad steps up and talks to the guy. Now this dad is quite an old guy and this dude, fresh as new. He thinks that the dad is too old to protect his girls.

That was the biggest mistake he made! He took a swing at the dad and well, what happens next? You'll have to watch the video to find out! Keep reading!

#1 Watch It

Here it is, watch it with your own eyes! This dude is KNOCKED OUT! Go dad! Everyone needs a dad like this! Watch and share with your friends!

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