Crazed Man Terrorizes Subway... Then a Viking Decided He Had Enough.

This guy had to be stopped...

#4 Goodbye Sobriety

#4 Goodbye Sobriety

Everyone loves kissing sobriety goodbye once in a while. Some have a drink (or more than one) and other people... well, other people have other methods. It's fun, we've gotta admit.

You get to totally stop caring about what others are thinking and totally be yourself. But what happens when you decide to be a little too 'yourself?'

This story is alcohol gone wrong. Or drugs. Or whatever the hell this guy is on.

#3 This Got Out Of Hand

#3 This Got Out Of Hand

The subway trains are usually peaceful and quiet. There's the occasional rush but in the late evenings, it's usually quiet. Or are they?

This guy got blazed up on something we don't quite know and stepped onto the train. And the mess he created was unbelievable.

Within seconds he had managed to annoy the cadoodles out of everyone in the coach, when one guy decided it had to be stopped. What he did will blow your mind! And the video too! Keep reading!

#2 Stomp Down!

#2 Stomp Down!

This Viking took charge of the situation. He grabbed him by the neck with his arm and started to crush his face. When he wouldn't stop relenting, he threw him on the floor.

Then, he had to put his foot down. Quite literally. On the drugged fellas chest. That's right. And what's shocking is he was still trying to get up!

Man drugs can do some horrible things to you!

#1 The Video

Here's the entire incident. On video. Look at the guy and let this be a reminder to you. Never drink more than you can handle and never never do drugs!

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