After Years Of Pranks, This Guy Got Revenge On His Girlfriend In The Worst Way Possible


#3 Meet The Gods

#3 Meet The Gods

Everybody loves pranks. Correction - everybody loves watching pranks. And that's just the area Nikki and John specialize in. These YouTubers run a channel Pranksters In Love on which they record pulling pranks on each other and yes, we get to watch it for our pleasure.

Over the years, there have been smashed Xbox consoles, toilet seats glued to John's head and other bizarre crap.

But this time, John really decided to turn things around...

#2 Revenge Is A Seat

#2 Revenge Is A Seat

Revenge is a seat. A toilet seat. Best served with super glue!

Oh you got that right, John actually super glued his wife to the toilet seat. It served as a perfect revenge against her sticking a toilet seat to his head a few years ago. But he didn't stop there. He called up Niki's mom on Skype and shared the fun. In a few moments, their kid walks in too!

Where's the fun in reading it? Keep scrolling to watch the video for yourself!!

#1 The Video!

Here it is! Don't laugh out too loud, your boss might get angry! And don't forget to share this wonderful work of art! You go John!!

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