After A Seven-Year Relationship, She Asks Him Why He Cheated. His Response? I'm In Tears

She asks him all the questions that have been in her head. Here's some stuff your ex did not tell you.

#4 Meet Ali & Andrew

#4 Meet Ali & Andrew

Long term relationships can be some of the most satisfying relationships you will have in your entire life - or the most boring and torturous ones. Sometimes, you feel like they just have to end. This is exactly what happened ith Ali & Andrew.

After 7 years of loving each other, Ali had learnt to unconditionally trust her boyfriend Andrew. It was devastating when she found out Andrew had been cheating on her.

Although this is a common occurrence, most couples that end like this never quite sit down and give each other an explanation. So here's what your cheating ex DIDN'T tell you...

#3 This Is The Explanation You Never Got

#3 This Is The Explanation You Never Got

After two years, they sat down on the record, to explain to each other what really happened. How they felt during and what really went wrong.

Here's what Andrew has to say:

"I didn't cheat on you so many times, I did not do the act of cheating. And I never slept with anybody else, just hand stuff."

Her response totally blew his mind! There's also a video to watch! Keep reading!

#2 What She Said

#2 What She Said

For obvious reasons, Ali lost her calm.

Ali: "That's F****ng gross man, that's cheating!"
Andrew: "I never said it wasn't"

But why did he do it? Apparently, Andrew wanted to "explore other options." He should've broken up before going on his expedition! Ali wanted to know why he didn't.

"I did, that night that it all kind of first started we didn't do anything, we just talked. And about two weeks later I broke up with you because I felt like I'd been dishonest. And then that's when something happened."

#1 Watch The Entire Video

What he said next left everyone speechless.

Andrew: "Why did I do it so many times?"
"Yeah I don't have an answer to that."

Watch the entire conversation here. It's the closure you never got but so deserve.

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