Mom Walks And Asked The Dog What Happened - The Dog's 'Answer' Made Me Burst Out Laughing

At times, even a good dog can make poor decisions. Watch this funny compilation of videos featuring guilty pooches who are remorseful for their actions.Dogs are naturally curious and happy creatures that can get a little carried away sometimes.

#4 The Perfect Pet

#4 The Perfect Pet

Personally, I think dogs are the cutest animals on the planet! They are absolutely full of love and licks! Not just that, your hairy little buddy will be there for you always and with you alike. And have you seen a puppy?

Pet dogs are the best thing that could happen to you. They are great with kids and they're like babies that never grow up. They keep the home environment jolly all the time. Well, not all the time...

#3 Vandalism

#3 Vandalism

At times their curiosity really heightens and when you're not around, they decide to "explore the world" their own way. The result? Ripped toilet paper, missing cookies, torn up homework, destroyed slippers, assaulted plants and the list goes on!

That's not the only result though. When you point at them and ask what happened, they turn into adorable little balls of guilt. There is seriously nothing cuter than a guilty dog! and what's better - we've got it all compiled for you in a video! Keep reading!

#2 Meet The Guilty Dogs

#2 Meet The Guilty Dogs

Meet the guilty dogs themselves. These cute little balls of fur decided that the toilet paper roll couldn't eyeball them anymore and decided to go all gangsta on them.

#1 The Video

Here, it's all yours! We promise you'll be going "Aww" by the end of it. Multiple times.

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If you love dogs, check out how sometimes they can make you really emotional and think your life over.

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