A Woman Desperately Pulls The Skin Off This Dog. 6 Weeks Later You Won't Believe Your Eyes.

Some puppy salvage associations are surely understood for working genuine miracles.

#3 Meet Alice

#3 Meet Alice

Stray animals have so much of love to give. But what happens when there's no one to receive it? They get neglected and wind up in horrible conditions. Today's story is from Animal Aid Unlimited and will crush your heart.

They found her in an auto, and she seemed to be more dead than alive. The only movement one could see was her warding off flies and her breath was far from healthy. She had developed a terrible mange.

It wasn't looking good. But sometimes, miracles happen...

#2 And Then There Were Two

#2 And Then There Were Two

But the rescuers decided not to give up hope. Usually, dogs or any animal in such a situation is extremely afraid of their rescuer. This case was no different. But after offering her a few biscuits, she became a lot more receptive.

And then it began. They had to proceed to literally peel the mange of the poor thing's skin! I can't even imagine how painful that would have been! I can't bear scabs being pulled off my skin!

Did she make it? What do you think? Keep reading to find out.

#1 Watch It

Watch the entire story of the rescue here in this video. I'm warning you, it gets very emotional. So you might want to keep a box of tissues handy. Trust me, you'll need it.

But will they be tears of joy or sadness? Will Alice make it? Watch it to find out!

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