A Shy Veteran Works Up The Courage To Sing. When The Music Plays? I Got Chills...

Our nations veterans are a very rare breed of human being. Whether it be a sense of adventure, a soaring sense of duty, or a combination of both, these are the men and women who willingly choose to risk....

#3 The Pride Of A Soldier Is His Motherland.

#3 The Pride Of A Soldier Is His Motherland.

A nation is a place where people live in but to its soldiers, it's like a mother. He is always on guard to protect her. He is like a son, just a call away. A soldier is never off duty and a mother never stops loving her son. Every time a foreigner tries to take his mother away from him, he retaliates with all his wrath.A son who's may fallen behind but a mother takes care for him too just like the nation of its veterans.

We can never forget our fallen heroes of the wars. They sacrifice their family lives so that they can let us live in peace. Some of those heroes lose a leg or an arm or even worse. Some of them serve us even after that. But when some of those heroes decided to serve us in a way that not just pleases the heart but also pleases the soul. This will definitely bring tears to your eyes. Go to the next page to find out what happened.

#2 Soldiers-We don't know Them All But Owe Them All.

#2 Soldiers-We don't know Them All But Owe Them All.

Veterans of war are people who have been accustomed to a certain discipline in life. They have been in a certain mind set their entire life and they have also been used to a certain routine. A fatal injury like losing a body part is a major setback for them. It puts them under mental pressure of not being able to perform like before.

A group of veterans in the United States of America formed a group that sings and performs. This group was started with an intention to provide support to these veterans of war. They as a group meet these veterans and sing to them to help provide the peace they need to go through their daily lives. This group of veterans have helped a lot of veterans to overcome their mental stress. Check the next page to check the video out.....

#1 A Nation Weeps When A Soldier Is Lost.

This Group of veterans who go by the name of Musicorp, perform for their veteran brothers and sister, this group of performers sing to these veterans to boost their confidence. They touch the heart and soul of these people and uplift their sprit of living. These people are saints but the show they have put up in this video is overwhelming. If this doesn't bring you tears I don't know what will.

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