A Meter Maid Mistreats A Homeless War Veteran. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Kid Beside Him! WOW!

This social analysis directed by MoeAndET was intended to perceive how the crowded responds to a destitute child versus a destitute grown-up.

#4 War Vetereans

#4 War Vetereans

War veterans are those sections of the society that risk their lives so that society itself, as we know it, can continue to exist. They go through horrible experiences which none of us can even imagine facing.

If they do survive, most of them find it extremely difficult to return to civilian life. They are wrought with mental illness like depression, anxiety and in worst cases PTSD.

And this is shocking but some end up on the street.. homeless. Today we've got a fascinating story about one such veteran.

#3 The Experiment

#3 The Experiment

MoeAndET decided to conduct a social analysis to see how people react to destitute men vs. how they react to destitute children. In this scenario, the destitute man happened to be the sibling of the younger boy who was also an out-of-work veteran.

The experiment took a totally unexpected turn! Something happened that no one would have expected. Read on to find out what it was!

#2 What Happened

#2 What Happened

Reactions of people were diverse. Some strangers were.. let's just say kind enough to ignore, walk by and mind their own business. Other people took to harassing them. One of them was even a cop! She asked the man for some extra change – after she’d offered some to the kid!

Then came along a meter maid who decided to mistreat the homeless man. The boy's reaction was absolutely incredible! Keep scrolling to watch the video!

#1 The Video

Being destitute should not be a social capital punishment. In fact, people should recognize that not everyone is as fortunate as they are and governments should actively work towards helping the homeless. Some of them might have served the country at some point.

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