A Little Girl With Autism Kept Touching Him. His Reaction? Mom Cannot Believe It

Mom expected the worst when her daughter kept pestering him.

#3 It's not always easy to travel with a child

#3 It's not always easy to travel with a child

Going out with children can be a tedious task, as children tend to be restless all the time. Children usually are not as conscious as we are and in crowd, they are often difficult to handle than usual.

The things are more complicated with small children and sometimes situations not only make you feel helpless but also tend to grab too much attention from other people.

#2 Her daughter was autistic

#2 Her daughter was autistic

Something similar kept worrying Shanell Mouland when she boarded a flight along with her 3-year old daughter. But there was something more that worried her. Her daughter was not like any other kid of her age. She was autistic, thus more restless, and less adaptive to crowds.Often co-passengers are not always as cooperative as we expect them to be and in worst case even the child refuses to stay calm between strangers!

Keeping her cool Shanell boarded the plane with Kate and got them seated on their respective seats. Soon what happened was exactly that Kate had been scared about. Read ahead to find out..

#1 The Mom wasn't expecting this reaction..

A man named Eric Kunkel seated himself beside Kate. Within seconds, Kate started touching him, repeatedly. May be due to the softness of his jacket; and his reaction, you have everything in the video.

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