A Foster Son Starves While Mom and Daughter Eat. Now Watch When a Customer Turns Around.

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#4 You Will Be Stunned

#4 You Will Be Stunned

No matter what you think about adoption, one thing is for sure that when a life has been brought into this beautiful world, it is the responsibility of the guardians to ensure it gets the best treatment. And yet reality is far from this very obvious principle.

Foster parents frequently fool adoption agencies and the results are horrendous. There poor kids are shown the hope of a new, better life and then wrought into child abuse. Here we bring you one such story that will leave you stunned.

#3 “What Would You Do?”

#3 “What Would You Do?”

Have you heard of the show “What Would You Do?” It's a social experimentation production that can really offer insights into the dark side of this world that we so love!

They put together an amazing social experiment wherein a parent's loyalty is torn between her biological and foster child. The fallout of the entire scene, will blow your mind.

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#2 The Experiment

#2 The Experiment

So the guys at this show decided to place a mother, her biological child and her foster child in a restaurant. Throughout the entire encounter, she thoroughly neglects the foster child. She and her biological eat tons of food and pay no heed to the poor kid.

The other people at the restaurant notice her partial treatment and decide the can't take it anymore. Their reaction is priceless...

Do watch the entire video!

#1 The Video

Here it is. Do watch the entire video. Parents like these need to be stripped off their status. parenting should be a privilege, not a right...

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