4-Year-Old Girl Has A Husband 25 Years Older Than Her...The Reason Why? I'm In Tears!

This story will have you in tears, good tears though!

#3 Marriage

#3 Marriage

Meet Matt Hickling and Abby Sayles! Does this picture confuse you? This 29 year old man married this 4 year old girl one beautiful morning. Abby wore a sweet white dress, Matt put on his best attire and together they walked the aisle amongst family and friends.

Matt made all the arrangements. They exchanged rings of candy, cut a delicious chocolate cake and celebrated with their loved ones. Newly wed Matt even bought young Abby a beautiful pink toy car as a wedding present. Abby's mother watched them smiling as Abby danced down the hallway in happiness.

Are you horrified? Do you think it is wrong? Wait till you hear the reason behind this wedding. I cried so much on learning the reason! This wedding saved her, Abby was the happiest girl in the world that day. Get ready to tear the best way possible! Have your faith in humanity restored!

#2 Matt

#2 Matt

Matt Hickling married Abby Sayles in a beautiful ceremony! But who is Matt? And how was this possible? Matt is a pediatric nurse at the Albany Medical Centre. To Matt, his relationship with his patients is extremely important and the building of this strong relationship with his patients is seen by him as therapeutic and uplifting, both to himself and the patients.

But why marry Abby? Read on to find out. Rest assured, Abby loves Matt. Abby's mother is so pleased with Abby's progress and owes it all to Matt. But the question still remains, why Abby? What made Abby special? Have your tissues ready!

#1 Abby

#1 Abby

4 year old Abby Sayles has leukemia, a rare cancer of the blood. Before meeting Matt, the pediatric nurse at the Albany Medical Centre, her cancer endangered her life.

Everything changed when she met Matt at the Albany Medical Centre where she was receiving chemotherapy under his care. Her mother admits that before Matt, it was hard to get Abby to come to the hospital. With him as her nurse however, she actually looks forward to coming and getting her treatment.

When Abby heard that her uncle was getting married, she wanted to get married too! To Matt! Matt, knowing the value of a bond with his patient, agreed to the 'wedding'. They got married at the hospital, with the other nurses humming tunes as they walked the aisle. They exchanged rings made of candy.

The best news of all? Their wedding made Abby so happy and her spirits had been so lifted that she received her treatment more readily and regularly, and is now in remission from Leukemia. Abby will live and we have Matt's kind soul to thank!

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