3 Punks Brutalized A Veteran And Dumped Alcohol On His Face, Then Justice Showed Up!

Meet these 3 guys who don't even qualify to be referred as Human Beings...

#4 3 Disgusting Punks

#4 3 Disgusting Punks

Honestly speaking, human beings have stopped surprising me anymore. I believe that we humans have no low. Everyday we do something and create a new low. Just when you think that a man can't disgrace mankind anymore, he ends up doing something more disgusting.

These 3 men are no different. You'll start hating them even without knowing them when you'll get to know about what they did.

#3 The Veteran Soldier

#3 The Veteran Soldier

So while a veteran soldier was trying to pump gas, these three punks thought that it would be fun to mess with him. And they indeed messed with him real bad.

The soldier had no clue that he was about to face the worst day of his life. What these guys did with him is simply disgusting.

Keep reading ahead to know more.

#2 What Did They Do?

#2 What Did They Do?

Be prepared to be shocked. So let's start.

After approaching him, they first violently punched and kicked him. Once he submitted, they poured alcohol on him before running a car over him.

He kicked him a little more till he stopped moving. The reason behind doing this?

#1 The Reason?

NO REASON. Yes, you read it right. No reason whatsoever. Finally, Lady Justice is appearing on the horizon. Two of the Cretans, since they certainly do not deserve the recognition of being called a "man" were arrested two months ago.

The third one is just arrested. Luckily, the veteran somehow survived the attack and is now fine. Checkout the video to know more about the incident.

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