15 Bartenders Confess Their Dirtiest Industry Secrets

This is extraordinary! Confessions that will shock you.

#15 As Judgmental As It Can Get


Confessions of an alcoholic or teenage confessions are really popular amongst the masses. But here we have something very different but equally exciting and interesting for you. Whenever you go out in a club or pub and settle down in a bar, little that you know is that someone is noticing you very keenly. We are talking about bartenders. Here we have some shocking confessions by bartenders regarding their industry.

So this bartender here is a very judgmental person. He/She likes to judge your personality on the basis of what you drink. I personally want to know how? I wanna know what difference does Pina Colada and Sour whiskey makes. Seriously!

#14 Power

I'm a bartender, and I actually remember your order from last time. I just make you repeat it because I have that power.

Now this confession is kind of funny. This is how one should use power. Just because the bartenders have power in their hands, they actually make us repeat our order again and again. I literally have no words...

#13 Humanity Is Still Intact. Sigh!


This makes me so happy. This is a proof that humanity is still alive. People like this bartender make this world a better place to live.

#12 Rude Customers

As a bartender, I can't stand when I say "Hi how are you?" And they respond with "Bud Light."  Great. Nice chatting with you.

This is just rude on our part as a customer. Not that we have to make an important 1 million pound deal conversation with a bartender but a casual hi with a smile won't hurt! I feel for this bartender.

#11 Sad Story

The worst thing about being a bartender is working on a Saturday night while my friends party

I completely agree to this. Imagine the life of these bartenders. I hope they don't have to serve their friends on weekends. That'll just be insanely depressing.

#10 Selfish, Period!

I'm a bartender and sometimes I'll heavy pour a chick to get her drunk if I think her boyfriend is hot so I can talk to him

Now this is just selfish. Not cool you bartender, not cool!

#9 Multi Talented !!

as a bartender i also take on the roles of a counselor, adviser, love expert, a bestfriend and a dish washer

Sometimes a bartender is just not a bartender. He/She is a guide of your life. Like in this case. Literally!

#8 To The Point

As a bartender, I can honestly say, that I don't give a fuck about your birthday. Order a drink and shut up.

Now that my friend is Honesty. Straight to the point. No wasting time!

#7 Liar Liar Pants On Fire

I'm a bartender and sometimes I lie to customers and say we're out of something so I don't have to make a certain drink.

Why on earth does such people get full payment. A share from their pay must be distributed amongst the poor.

#6 And Rude Again

I work as a bartender and people don't seem to know the words "please" and "thank you" anymore

Another complaint about customers. So people, make it a point that the next time you visit a bar, behave appropriately. Showing some manners won't hurt!

#5 Brutal Honesty

I'm a bartender. Yes I'm flirting with you. No I'm not interested in you. I just want your money.

I love the honesty of these bartenders man. Hats off. Only if everyone was as honest as these people.

#4 Hardships

I am tired of being a bartender and it takes all my self control to not throw people's drinks at them.

I just hope that I never enter this bartenders bar. I surely don't wanna get thrown out of the bar!

#3 Lie For A Good Cause

I'm a bartender and I wear a fake engagement ring to work. I've noticed people tend to leave me alone with it on.

Let's face it, it's important to stay safe and not attract the creeps out there. Well played bartender!

#2 Trick Of The Trade

I'm a Bartender and a  D cup. Sometimes I knock over  Drinks with my boobs to get more money. Works every time

No matter where you work, it's important to learn some crucial tricks of your trade. And seems like this bartender knows her tricks perfectly. By the way, I am curious to visit her bar now!

#1 True Story

As a bartender, I could never date someone who was a bad tipper. If you can afford to be out, you can afford to tip.

This is true. I completely agree. Every time I go out, I make sure that I tip well. It's also about your social status you see!

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