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#3 For the sake of a cheap product

#3 For the sake of a cheap product

Mankind seems to shock itself time and again with its brutality. But this is the last straw!

Because of a cheap product that fulfills our 'daily needs', entire ecosystems, jungles whole and the entire species of orangutans are all being eliminated, thereby endangering and destroying a vital part of our nature, of our world.

And the culprit? Palm oil!

Palm oil is a cheap product that is used in most of the household products and food products. And for the generation of which jungles...forests...trees..animals are all being destroyed on an industrial scale.

#2 Cheap?

#2 Cheap?

This 'cheap product' palm oil is not cheap at all. Because it's making us pay a price that is beyond payable! It's destroying our world!

Because of the demand for palm oil, many forests and jungles are being bulldozed to the ground. In places like Borneo, Sumatra, Indonesia and Malaysia, each and every minute huge areas of unspoiled rainforests are being run to the ground to make way for palm oil plantations. And this operation is only increasing in speed everywhere in the world......

An entire species is being endangered by this activity.....

#1 Orangutans

In their quest to clear forests to make way for their illicit palm oil plantation, people are destroying everything in their path- trees and animals..everything!

And because of this....there is a rising probability that orangutans might become endangered by the end of 2016. So please...please let us take action! Let us ask big companies not to use palm oil! Let us ask them to stop before its too late! Do your bit by not buying palm oil products. Here's a video to help you understand better...

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