Time Traveler From 2030' Passes Lie Detector Test

A man claiming to be from the year 2030 who shared a number of predictions for the future has miraculously passed a lie detector test.

The Self-Proclaimed Time Traveler

The Self-Proclaimed Time Traveler

A man named ‘Noah’ is a self-proclaimed person who says that he has travelled from the future, 2030. This man recently passed a lie-detector test sharing a miraculous number of predictions. He stated that he had to remain anonymous because of the risks that might occur in present-day affairs.

The Lie Detector Test

The Lie Detector Test

Although as one can except, not everyone did believe his story, so, in order to prove them wrong, he decided to take a lie-detector test. He had a recent interview with Apex TV where he was asked if he is really from future or not. He replied with a yes, and before he could say so the green header stating ‘true’ comes up on the screen. He was asked of any solid evidence to which he replies that Donald Trump would be re-elected in 2020, there would be electric cars with speed of 600mph, humans would travel to Mars and Bitcoin would gain more privilege.

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The Paranormal Elite

He also states that he couldn’t give proof because of the paradox to which the green header stating true again appears on the screen. This was first bought into the news when Paranormal Elite received a video stating that a person from future has time travelled. He has depression and anxiety issues because of all the time travelling. He states that he is 50 years old, but he took medicine to keep his age at 25 and that the time travelling has been possible since 2003 but didn’t get public before 2028.

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