Think twice before you leave your infant with the baby sitter!

This baby sitter did a horrifying activity with the child that no one can ever imagine.

We care a lot about our kids. We always choose the best for them whether it is a dress, a toy or anything. We keep in mind that our child stays away from all the bad things but sometimes even when we make a right decision for them it becomes a cause of a horrifying situation. The same happened with this mother who left her baby with the babysitter.

When the mother of a 6-month-old daughter came back from work, what she saw something that left her bewildered. She found big blisters on the feet of her daughter.

On questioning the babysitter of her daughter, Ismelda Ramos Mendoza, she found out something fishy and then, she immediately called up the police to resolve the whole matter. She took her baby to the doctor where she found that her baby's feet were burned resulting in these blisters. She then told the cops about it.

Ismelda, at first, did not speak out anything but when she was strictly interrogated by the cops, she revealed that she has done this to the baby. She explained the matter telling that she placed the feet of the baby in a hot pan because the baby was crying continuously.

The baby was taken for treatment of her blisters whereas the babysitter was arrested in the case of child abuse & assault. Incidents like this do not only teach us a lesson but also shows us to never trust anyone when it is about your family.

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