He said,'I am sorry. I am sorry, I was texting'

Drinking and driving is a crime all over the world but doing anything while driving is also not less than any offence. People should understand that texting or do any other thing while driving will definitely result in a major destruction just the way it happened with this truck driver in San Antonio. One should have patience and focus on driving only.

This driver was engaged in texting while driving but he did not know that a major accident was waiting for him. The driver was so busy on his phone that he did not realise that he was going off the track and what happened after must have taught him a lesson but unfortunately, many people along with him had to pay for this.

Jack Dillon Young, the 20-years-old driver who was driving the truck, hit a bus containing 13-14 elder citizens who were going to the church. Unfortunately, none of the elder citizens survived. All he did after the incident was ‘apologize’ which was of no use. In Texas, there are no bans on texting while driving but after seeing such horrible accident, they should think about it.

But did anyone witnessed the incident? Continue ahead to know.

A witness named Kuchler was following the truck driver for about 15 minutes with his girlfriend. They were the only people who noticed the off-track driving & sensed that the driver will surely cause some damage. They informed the local cops. They even witnessed the whole accident.

Accidents like this show us that how destructive it becomes when we lose our focus from anything we are doing. We should all try and avoid doing such activities because it will not only risk our lives but can also take away other people’s soul too.

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