Poor Boy With Autism Is Found Whimpering Outdoors While Mom Refuses To Come Back From Boyfriend's House

The little boy did not deserve that at all. Poor baby....he was wearing just his diaper when they found him.

#3 Mother

#3 Mother

They say that God couldn't be there with us all the time, so he made mothers to take care of us.

The very title 'mother' evokes a kind of warm feeling and respect everywhere. But sadly that is not the case today....because those who become 'mothers' nowadays apparently have no qualms of not being one. Like this lady from Florida........

#2 Cold

#2 Cold

It's that time of the year's cold and someone in every family has a running nose. How do you expect your mom would have reacted to you going out in this weather? 3 layers of clothing that will have you sweating by the time you are out of the front door.

But this poor baby was outside in the cold with nothing but a diaper on. The baby had gotten out of its home and was whimpering until someone noticed he was there.

The little boy was 9 years old and has autism.

And the mother...

#1 Didn't want to come

#1 Didn't want to come

When the law enforcement officers called up the mother and told her to come home to her son, she hung up. The mother said she was at her boyfriend's place and didn't want to come.

The mother in question is Cassandra Taylor who is 31 years old and lives in Florida with her son. She was arrested and charged with child neglect soon after.

Cassandra Taylor has been arrested 24 times in the last 10 years. There's going to be a hearing soon to see if the child should be removed from her custody.

Meanwhile, Taylor's brother said that little boy was being cared for by responsible adults.

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