Mother Who Killed Her 21 Months Old Daughter By Stamping On Her Tiny Chest Gets A Serving Of Karma In Prison

People like this actually exist.....what made them turn so...twisted? Twisted enough to kill a baby while it screamed 'Stop Mummy, Stop Daddy'?

#3 The Mum Who Killed Her Daughter

#3 The Mum Who Killed Her Daughter

The neighbors heard the little girl scream out saying 'Stop Mummy, Stop Daddy.'

Kathryn Smith was the 23-year-old mother of Ayeeshia Jane Smith, who was 21 months old when she died.

The poor kid wasn't fed for weeks straight with her mum spending all the money and benefit on her cannabis addiction. Ayeeshia Jane Smith, lovingly known as AJ was too young to speak up about the pain she was constantly put through and not too old to understand the great injustice being done to her.

#2 Injuries

#2 Injuries

Kathryn repeatedly stepped on her baby daughter's chest, who just weighed 20lbs, until the poor girl had a fatal heart attack. When the medics arrived after the mother called the emergency helpline saying her daughter was not breathing, AJ looked like a crash victim. Her injuries were so extensive and prolonged....and to think a mother...her own mother did it all. The poor baby had a massive brain injury just months before she died....a clear indication of the harassment she was put through.

When Kathryn Smith was gound guilty of killing her daughter, she was sentenced to prison time at Foston Hall, a notorious prison with a dark history.

And there.....Kathryn received a sample of her own treatment.

#1 Karma

#1 Karma

Ever since Kathryn was transferred to Foston, there were talks about attacking her....teaching her a lesson....until it finally happened.

The killer mum was attacked by two inmates in a stairwell without video surveillance whilst 10 other inmates stood and watched. Kathryn howled in pain as the inmates used a homemade knife in the four-minute attack to cut her cheek by nearly an inch.

And guess what? No one's feeling sorry for her.

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