Masked Man Guns Down Multiple Police Officers In Latest Baton Rouge Ambush

2 Officers Dead.

#3 It took place in Louisiana City.

#3 It took place in Louisiana City.

The dust hasn't even settled from the previous devastating incident in Baton Rouge, Louisiana City where a black man was shot to death by the police and the another happened in series. The incident had turned the city into a momentary war zone with numerous protests taking place condemning the situation.

A solid two weeks hasn't passed since the previous incident, and another had also occurred.

The 'ambush' was reported when a series of shots were fired and the police were alerted.

#2 It took place just a mile from the police HQ.

#2 It took place just a mile from the police HQ.

The incident was reported at 9 AM local time. Two officers were killed and another three are seriously ill as a result of the shooting.

The shooter was confirmed to be killed by verified sources.

The shooter was later identified as Gavin Long, of Kansas City, Missouri, born on July 17, 1987.

See the clip of incident in the video ahead

#1 It was Lang's birthday on the day of the shooting.

It was his 29th birthday.

Lang ran a YouTube channel as well as a website where he often declared that he would stand up to justice.

He served in the marines as a Marine Sergeant from 2005-2010.

Watch the clip recorded by a bystander at the incident!

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