Leprosy Making Return In America- Doctors Warn People To Avoid This Animal At All Costs

Doctors are repeatedly warning people.

Have you ever heard of this skin disease that has been causing a real chaos lately? Leprosy is a disease that is also known as Hansen’s disease. It is a disease that causes colored patches on the skin. It can harm the eyes, limbs, and nerves. In the 1980s, there were millions of known cases in the world. Although the number of people who contract the disease has dropped to around 200,000 since then.

Around 200 cases usually appear in the U.S per year. Most infected people are in only 16 countries. In particular, Florida has seen a rapid increase since 2017. Florida normally sees an average of 10 new cases per year, but since the beginning of 2017 there are already 9 new cases registered.

This sudden increase in the number of cases has already alarmed the people of this disease!

It is claimed that Doctors are warning against making contact with armadillos after a series of leprosy outbreaks. Many believe the disease is linked to the animal.

Also, Armadillos sightings in Florida have increased. It is known that these shelled animals carry leprosy, leading many to contemplate that contact with armadillos might be the reason for the outbreak.

So, do you want to know what doctors have to say on this? Keep reading to know

Many writers have been giving warnings to people to not touch an armadillo as there are speculations of the spread of the disease. Dr. Truman says that many people have direct or indirect contact with armadillos everyday but its needed to be careful!

Truman also has one more important advice for everyone. Read on to know

Truman also said that people should still stay caution when coming in contact with an armadillo. Though he clarified that there was no need to panic because of the fact that the most of the 150-200 new annual cases mostly come from those who were previously in countries with higher leprosy rates.Look out for the video here!

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