He Spat In A Cop's Face And She Died After 7 Months!

RIP! Cop dies after getting spit on her face.

#5 35-Year-Old Arina Koltsova- An Irreplaceable Loss

#5 35-Year-Old Arina Koltsova- An Irreplaceable Loss

Arina Koltsova was a cop doing her duty on the New Year’s Day in 2016. While doing her job, she arrested a man there.

The man in anger spat in her face and shockingly, it led to a real loss to Ukraine.

Keeping reading the story next to know what happened after this!

#4 Officer Contracted Tuberculosis After That Incident

#4 Officer Contracted Tuberculosis After That Incident

She got back at work without knowing that the man had tuberculosis.

She remained untreated for a while, but one day, she collapsed at the workplace.

Immediately, her colleagues took her to hospital.

She was having an infectious lung disease and thus was taken under treatment.

#3 Dies After 7 Months

#3 Dies After 7 Months

She lost weight and her hair towards the end of her life. Alas! She could not survive more than seven months and died with extreme pain.

The whole team of Kiev police was saddened and buried her in Kiev.

The case did not end there because it is still unclear .Check ahead what the real cause was.

#2 Was He Found Guilty?

#2 Was He Found Guilty?

The case did not end there because it is still unclear whether the offender will pay charges for this murder or not.

It was a huge loss for Ukraine.

#1 Reaction Of Locals

Tributes flooded in for this cop on every social site. She was famous in the local community and many appreciated her for good looks and her hard-law mentality. She wanted to bring a change in the society but died before she could do much.

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