Donald Trump's Biggest Air Strike on Afghan Land

Find out what it looked like!

Big news from the Afghan Land came on April 13th, when a non-nuclear bomb was exploded by US forces. This is being considered as one of the biggest air strikes of American Military on ISIS bunkers as per the orders of new President Donald Trump.

The bomb which is the mother of all bombs named as MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Blast) Bomb was dropped on the Afghan land at 7:32 PM as per the orders of Trump. One of the biggest air strikes was conducted by four US military personnel which is captured in a video footage.

The very target of this non-nuclear bomb blast was ISIS tunnel and a cave on the Afghan land. After the successful strike, The White House Secretary made his statement on the serious fight against ISIS, "The United States takes the fight against ISIS very seriously, and in order to defeat the group we must deny them operational space, which we did."

Check out the details of highly destructive non-nuclear bomb

The MOAB is a Massive Ordinance Air Bomb Blast which is a non-nuclear yet highly destructible force. This bomb was dropped by US Army using MC 130 Aircraft.

To this, Trump clarifies by stating, "Everybody knows exactly what happens. So, what I do is I authorise our military." Further saying, "We have given them total authorization and that's what they're doing."

After this incident, The Pentagon authorities release the actual footage of the strike in which MOAB was dropped on ISIS caves.

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