Dad Does This To Save Son, Becomes A Hero!

Now, that's Dad for you.

#3 Baseball

#3 Baseball

Fans of baseball it is dangerous to watch the game as it is to play it. There are balls coming their way that can cause some serious damages at times. But that makes the sport all the more loving!

Fans actually pray for such experiences! Where the player hits the ball towards the stand and the fans can have one moment of glory as they catch it.But what happens when a bat starts heading their way?

#2 Well...this happened

#2 Well...this happened

During one such baseball match, a Pirates player lost control of the control of the bat and it came straight at the crowd. Players generally take caution to avoid such incidents but yet sometimes they do happen.

So, this bat is coming towards the stands....everyone there covers their face trying to shield themselves from the bat, except for one man! He covers the face of his son! In a split second instinctively he stretches his hand and receives the impact of the bat!

#1 So fast!

It all happened so fast that no one knew what really happened until they saw the camera play it again. And boy did it look bad! The dad saved the day!

That's the thing about always you before them and they are every kid's first hero. Here's a compilation of the best dad saves ever!

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