Concerned Police Break Into Apartment With No Snow On Roof...Discover this!

When nature becomes a detective!

#3 The House With The Snowless Roof

#3 The House With The Snowless Roof

Police patroling the neighborhood of Haarlem in Netherland have proven why observation skills are an absolute need for every kind of job!

As the officers passed through a series of apartments, one of the police officers noticed that one of the house's roof didn't have any snow on it. Which was pretty weird especially when it's been snowing for some time.

But when they break in....lets just say no one was ready for what they found.

#2 Did you know....

#2 Did you know....

That it's legal to smoke and grow marijuana in Netherland? But there's a limit to both smoking and growing marijuana. Individuals can carry 5 grams of the product and grow 5 plants at a time.

You are gonna need this information for what comes next.....

Because inside the house was an industrial sized pot factory!

If you are wondering how growing marijuana and the roof having no snow is on!

#1 The Pot Factory

#1 The Pot Factory

In order to grow need heat, lot, and lots of heat. Cannabis has certain environment requirements and demand such as the exact amount of heat and moisture in a perfect combination for substantial produce. According to The Weed Blog, "seedlings grow better in temperatures between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit, but bigger plants may grow well in temperatures up to 82 degrees Fahrenheit."

And so, the house must have been hot like an oven leading to the snow melting off the roof!

The police even posted this message after the incident!

Translation: "Look at the roofs in your neighborhood. No snow? It could be cannabis."

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