Brother Aged 2 Saves His Twin marvelously!!

Most of the parents these days both being workers, leave kids at home at someone's protection sometimes. Or, alone now and then too. When a couple left their 2 year twin children at home alone, this happened and it's amazing and also eye opening.

#5 Happy Kids

#5 Happy Kids

A footage recorded at home where two twin kids aged 2 were playing, turns into every parent's worst nightmare in a moment.

Brock and Bowdy Schoff were trying to get on a cupboard and all of the sudden, the cupboard rolls over onto Brock. Then, Bowdy saves his brother wonderfully..

Here is the snap from the footage that shows where they both are trying to get onto the cupboard.

#4 OMG!!

#4 OMG!!

And then this happens, the cupboard falls onto Brock and he starts crying.

Bowdy could definitely sense that something wrong is happening with him.

This life taking danger was turned down by Bowdy after he realised his brother is in panick.

#3 Confused

#3 Confused

Then Bowdy was all confused. He couldn't move that shelf all by himself from one side.

He starts thinking, tries to go to another side and push the drawer from there too.

This happened later

#2 At last

#2 At last

After he tries a lot, Bowdy finally manages to push the drawer aside a bit. Brock comes out but, is seen crying.

You did good Bowdy!!

#1 Footage

Well, this is one helluva incident and definitely every parent must watch this footage and take the precautions and safety measures..

Here is the total footage and please share it as much as you can :)

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