A Very Specific Royal Tradition Has Been Turned Down By Kate Middleton.

There are a number of traditions passed down throughout the monarchy, but Kate Middleton has proved herself once again to be a product of something different.Horse riding has long been attributed to the traditions of the monarchy, one that has already continued on to the youngest clan.

Horse riding has been for the longest time a heritage of the royal family. almost all the member have taken to the sport and thrived over years. However, the Duchess of Cambridge might not be taking it up as many might have predicted.The author of her biography "Kate: A Biography", some revelation for all your curious readers.

Her husband and brother-in-law, Prince Harry and William respectively have shown their prowess while on the polo match fields.Also, members of royal family, Princess Anne and her daughter, Zara Tindall, are both Olympic medal winning equestrians.Horse riding has been a part of the traditions for a while now.

Head of the monarchy and recently turned 91, Queen Elizabeth II, has been indulging in leisurely horseback riding near Windsor Castle by the bank of the River Thames.

However, Marcia Moody who has penned Kate’s biography in an interview to Town & Country revealed that horseback riding is probably not Kate Middleton’s thing.

The much-debated reason for the absence of the Duchess of Cambridge from horse riding was having an allergy to horses, but this isn't the only thing that is keeping her from saddling up.

Marcia Moody told Town & Country that the simple reason why Kate Middleton, doesn't ride is because she didn't grow up doing that. That makes it fair enough a reason why she isn't inclined on taking up the family's passion

The author, Moody also added that Prince William and Prince Harry have been taught to ride since an early age but they still ride only for polo, unlike the Queen who is a regular at this.

Her presence at the racing events like Ascot in spite of not embracing equestrianism show that Kate Middleton has been enjoying the sport enough. Reportedly, her two children have already begun their riding lessons.

Kate Middleton had a chat with Natasha Baker, the equestrian triple-gold medalist, who attended the reception at Buckingham Palace for honoring the Olympians and Paralympians.

Baker while recalling their adorable conversation said that on asking her how the children were doing, she mentioned that Princess Charlotte has been enjoying her riding lessons.To which Baker replied she is looking forward to seeing here on the line-up in the next 20 years.

Baked then added that even though Kate, herself doesn't echo the passion for horse riding, she would do her best to motivate and encourage her daughter.

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Even though the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has been a regular at numerous such horse riding events in support of her family members participating, but her absence on the horse has left many to wonder why she isn't taking up the family tradition as yet.

Like most of us who didn't take up horse riding lessons when young, she missed out on the classes and doesn't particularly want to take it up even though almost all the people in her family are good at it.

The grapevine is currently ripe about Prince Harry’s girlfriend, actress Meghan Markle. Though she has proven herself to be a dedicated animal lover, it is still unclear when it comes to her horse riding skills.Also, if she intends to take it up after she gets married into the royal family.

In any case, if she doesn't take up horse riding, she sure has some splendid company to sit with on the sidelines.

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