A Quarter Is Worth More Than $30,000! No! I Am Not Mad! Just See For Yourselves!

Anyone got a quarter?

#3 eBay

#3 eBay

eBay has brought to light quite a lot of treasures! And the most unlikely lot too!

As of June 7 there is a quarter on eBay that is apparently worth more than $30,000. read that right.$30,000!How many quarters is that?!

And the reason why it's worth so much is even more baffling!

The reason this quarter is worth so much is because its different from the rest of the quarters. And its different from other quarters is because it has a misprint. To be precise, because the quarter in question is a faulty coin.

Who would buy such a coin you ask?

#2 Two Kinds

#2 Two Kinds

There are two types of coin collectors in the US. As per Collectors Weekly, the first type of coin collectors are those who collect coins in good conditions. While the second type of coin collectors are those who collect coins that are faulty or physically damaged.

The seller Mike Byers, self-identified as a leading authority on proof errors says that it's one of a kind.

Read on to know more!

#1 Watch the video to know more!

The seller says it is a very unique proof error.

"Proof coins are struck by technicians who had feed the blanks into special presses," Byers wrote in his eBay ad. "They are produced, examined and packaged using extreme quality control. It is very unusual to find major proof errors."

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