A Prince Was Executed In Saudi Arabia, Sends Out A Clear Message-'All Men Are Equal Under The Eyes Of Saudi Law'

This move has left many confused as to whether to support or oppose this law system.

#3 Saudi Arabia

#3 Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is famous for a lot of things. But nothing strikes fear into the hearts of many like the strict law that is followed there.

And now, Saudi Arabia has shown us how much of an unbiased objective justice system truly exists in its land by executing one of its Royalty- a Saudi Pince.

This is the first prince execution that has taken place in Saudi Arabia in over four decades. The last one being the beheading of Prince Faisal bin back in the year 1975.

#2 The Saudi Prince

#2 The Saudi Prince

Prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabir, of the royal family, was found guilty of shooting a man during a brawl and executed for the same.The person shot dead was identified as Adel al-Mahemid.

It is said that the execution took place in the capital, Riyadh. Though the details of the exact execution method are unknown, death penalties are usually carried out by beheading in a public square.

#1 All are equal

#1 All are equal

"The greatest thing is that the citizen sees the law applied to everyone, and that there are no big people and other small people," said Abdul-Rahman al-Lahim, a renowned Saudi lawyer wrote on Twitter.

Saudi Arabia is said to be one of the world’s few remaining absolute monarchies. So far, over 130 people have been executed this year in Saudi Arabia.

And this incident, even though it shows the transparency and the unbiased way things are dealt before the law, has left many shaken.

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