The Most Thrilling Chase Video From Nature As A Little Lizard Faces An Army Of Snakes!

Oh my dear heart! Not for the weak hearted! Meet Bond...Lizard Bond.

#3 Planet Earth 2

Planet Earth 2's first episode aired not too long ago. And let me tell you it's one hell of a nail-biter.

The much acclaimed BBC's miniseries' sequel started off with its most amazing episode yet. Without further ado let me introduce you to the chief protagonist a lizard and the horde of vicious villains, the snakes. And also the whole thing is scary AF.

In this battle of the reptiles, probabilities are such a huge factor! The whole thing is the shot and edited so brilliantly to make this one hell of a video, its a must watch!

#2 The Chase

There's never a dull moment here.....The Lizard is on the run with a snake hot in its pursuit. And then you realize the real meaning of 'out of the pot into the fire' as the lizard jumps into a pit....full of snakes. A lot of snakes.

Now, most of you might not know about this but snakes have poor eyesight and catch their preys largely by tracking any sort of movement around them. And the poor lizard seems to be doing just that but when danger looms decides,'What the hell!' and decided to make a run for it! BUT!!

#1 Will he make it?!

The lizard has practically ignited a huge bomb with not just one snake but a whole lot of snakes out to get it.

And what follows will not be ready. Soon the lizard is caught not by one but three snakes! Will the lizard survive?!How will he escape?! Watch to find out!

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