If A Large Asteroid Were To Smash Into Earth, This Would Happen!!

Have you ever wondered about that?

#3 Did You See That Coming

#3 Did You See That Coming

It would be indeed hysterical to witness such a phenomenon, but have you ever wondered about such a thing happening to our world?!

These asteroids are rocky bodies present mainly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. It is believed that they are the parts of giants planets that collided several billions of years ago.

Now, as you know our Earth attracts every body towards itself due its gravitational pull, it attracts these asteroids as well

#2 Recreation of Giant Asteroid Smashing Into Earth

#2 Recreation of Giant Asteroid Smashing Into Earth

Earth, in its history have witnessed several such incidences where mediocre sized asteroids hit the surface of the earth

As soon as these asteroids enter the atmospheric layer that is present above the Earth, the air causes friction which burns up the asteroid

So, whenever this burning asteroid hit the surface of the Earth, it surely causes severe destruction. But what if the size of the asteroid is gigantic??

Take a look in the video ahead

#1 The Video

This video isn't real, but it is a spot-on recreation of such an incident when a gigantic Asteroid will hit the Earth!See the video here

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