Surprises are always great fun, be it on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or just a random day where you feel like cheering your loved one with something small just to make them smile out of the goodness of your heart. But the internet is flooded with pictures of a heartbroken boyfriend named Ken Wong from China went viral and caught the attention of social media users. In the pictures, he was seen holding a bouquet of flowers which he had bought to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday.

But unfortunately, it seems like there was something else waiting for him. As Ken went to the parking area, he saw his girlfriend with some other man. The two were probably hugging each other.

Ken decided to click pictures of his girlfriend cheating on him with the other guy and took to his Twitter handle to share the pictures of his cheating girlfriend. The caption in the pictures read, “Today is my girlfriend’s birthday, so I thought of giving her a surprise. I didn’t expect to see this scene.”

It’s not always guaranteed that the surprise will be successful, though. There are a lot of times where it happens to fall through, due to unforeseen circumstances that you were unable to expect. For the word surprise doesn’t just encompass pleasant surprises, it can also come to you in the form of a rude shock.

Photos on social media have been circulating about this one man’s sad surprise. The man in China seemed to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday and got a bouquet of flowers to surprise her with, based on the photos.

“Today is my girlfriend’s birthday, so I thought of giving her a surprise. I didn’t expect to see this scene,” he wrote in the caption.

He must’ve taken selfies or a video to record down his girlfriend’s reactions to his sweet surprise, but he caught something that surprised him instead in the background. You can see a couple in the background where the girl is hugging the guy so hard that she’s practically jumping on him.

I thought these things only happen in the movies – I’ve seen quite a few dramas use this as a plot device already where someone walks in to their significant other cheating on them, but I guess dramas are based off reality and these things do happen after all its life.

Well, whatever the truth is, we just hope that Ken gets over this heart breaking situation and finds someone better and someone he deserves.

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