Why You Should Stop Eating Chicken Breasts With White Stripes

The amount of meat consumption by the Americans has increased. Just think from where and how is the demand being met?

#5 Chicken

#5 Chicken

Chicken is a popular meat all over the world. In fact, many people actively choose to eat chicken over red meat because they believe it’s healthier.

But they should think of how is this increasing demand being met by the farmers, hence there is a change in practices of poultry farming.

#4 White Striping

#4 White Striping

An animal welfare organization – is warning chicken-lovers to avoid chicken breasts with “white striping.”

White striping indicates a muscle disorder. It’s not harmful for human consumption, but it is telling of the conditions the chickens were raised in. It degrades the quality of the meat & increases the fat content up to 224%.

#3 Demand & Supply

#3 Demand & Supply

The pressure to produce a larger number of bigger birds has resulted in poultry marketed in half the time and at two times the body weight that it was 50 years ago.

With demand primarily for breast meat, birds have been bred to have pectoral muscles that are now 20% of their body weight.

Watch the video below!

#2 Check before…!

#2 Check before…!

Truly lean chicken breast won’t have any of the white striations, but all you must do is pop down to your local supermarket to see how common it is for what we’re sold to be covered in white stripes of fat.

In a research, it was concluded that “the severity of white striping has increased in recent years,” and found it present in 96 percent of the 285 birds they tested.

#1 Video…!

White striping “negatively impacts meat quality” and results in chicken that is less tender.

Check out this video…!

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