Use This Simple Trick When In Emergency Situations For Safety And You'll Be Happy To Do So

Whenever there is an emergency situation and you got to evacuate, there are lot of things to be taken care of. Use this simple 'The One Cup Tip'.

#5 Emergencies

#5 Emergencies

It is for sure that at some point of your life, you will face an unexpected situation.

One among the things to take care is food.

Yes, food is the one thing that is a necessity even under emergencies !!

#4 Miss Sheila Pulanco Russell

#4 Miss Sheila Pulanco Russell

Being thankful to Miss Sheila Polanco Russell, you need to learn this new trick.

Whenever you walk out at emergencies, you can use the "The One Cup Tip" to make sure your food in the fridge is safe when you return.

This is how you can..

#3 Connection

#3 Connection

Before knowing how, you need to know why ???

The three important things needed for this tip are a coin, a mug, some water.

There is nothing in common really but when you need to evacuate you can't think of dealing with everything correctly.

You can use this tip to determine if or not the food you store in the refrigerator is still edible

#2 Process

#2 Process

You just need to take some water in a mug, put it in the fridge.

Allow it to freeze to solid state. Then, put a coin on the top of it.

You can come to a conclusion when you return to your home about the food using these steps.

#1 Judgement Time !!

#1 Judgement Time !!

If the coin is at the top of the ice full in the mug, the food is good. As the fridge wasn't off for a longer time for the ice to melt.

If the coin is in the middle of the cup on the ice, the food is not totally ok nor wasted. You can probably check once for edibility.

If the coin is on the bottom and the ice is melted down, you should throw the food away as it is rotten and wasted.

Stay careful and tackle emergencies with courage using this practical knowledge !!

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