Though It Threatened Her Life, This Woman Has Become The World's Smallest Mom

The doctors almost gave up on her life!

#3 The World's Smallest Mom

#3 The World's Smallest Mom

Little people also crave for a normal life wherein they could marry a person of their choice and be with them for the rest of their lives. The girls especially, also wish to become a mother after they get married!

But considering their body size, doctors often recommend them to adopt a child if at all, they want it because of certain complications!

#2 Size Matters

#2 Size Matters

Yes, size does matter. But Stanley chose to differ! Stacey Herald lives in Kentucky, and at a mere two foot, four inches tall she is on record as one of the tiniest people ever to get pregnant and have a child. The doctors almost gave up on her life and told her that she might not be able to undertake the childbearing process and might even die during pregnancy.

However, both Stanley and his husband had faith in God so they took a chance! But what happened next? Read on to know!

#1 She Gave Birth

Not once or twice, but she conceived for three times and gave birth to two daughters and a son. Not that she didn't have any complications. She did have her share of troubles, but she faced all of them with bravery.

Wanna listen to her decisions in her own voice? Check out the video underneath!

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