This Woman Lives In NYC In A 90 Sq Ft Apartment! How You Ask? See For Yourself!

Living the dream in NYC within the budget! Lessons From A Pro!

#3 New York! New York!

#3 New York! New York!

Ahh...New York, the place where most people in the States and outside it want to live!

There's no 'WHY' when you want to live in New York, you just do it! Because that is the pull of the New York magic.

From every movie in Hollywood like the Sex And City to our beloved 'Friends' series, New York was always the ultimate living destination.

The Central Park, the Lincoln Center.....the list goes on and on.

But living in New York isn't easy! Far from it actually.

NYC is one of the most expensive cities to live in and Manhattan more so. And need I say more about living in the Upper West Side? It's sure gonna cost you a whole lot.

But here's one person who's here to present you with a whole new way of living your dream in NYC!

#2 Meet Felice Cohen

#2 Meet Felice Cohen

Felice Cohen lives in the Upper West Side of New York City!

She's just a block away from the famous Central Park and within walking distance of some of the greatest attractions in New York.

I know what you are thinking....She must be living the life...

But wait there's more!

She lives in a 90 Sq.Ft apartment! And her rent? Just $700!

Impossible? ....Possible.

#1 Sacrifices

Living in a 90 Sq.Ft apartment is no easy living, it requires sacrifices. And Felice Cohen made those sacrifices.

An organizer by trade, she made the most of her little haven in NYC!

90 square feet....that's no bigger than a child's bedroom. Yet, Felice has managed to utilize the most out of her 12 x 7 space. See it for yourself!

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