This Simple Sock Trick That Can Stop Your Car Windows From Fogging Up Will Blow Your Brains Off

Like the moody mornings aren't enough.. the foggy windows make it worse. Not just that they are annoying, they also reduce visionary access of what's in front

#5 Foggy Windows

#5 Foggy Windows

A lot of things are annoying about winter. Few of them are dangerous and much more annoying.

Imagine you had a rough day and had a great sleep but then an early morning. It will be so lame and then you take your car and see this...

#4 Will you clean it?

#4 Will you clean it?

You will try to clean it and it's good now.. Just for now... What about the next day morning??

You obviously will listen this in your head "My day Sucks!!"

Would not it be good if you just got any tool that would clean the window panes itself and all you got to do is just put there???

Well, here is a simple trick!

#3 The Sock Trick

#3 The Sock Trick

All you need is a pair of clean, odour-free sock and cat litter.

Take a clean sock which is free of holes and odour. Take cat litter which is a great moisture absorbant and add it into one of the socks. And...

Read on!!

#2 That's it!

#2 That's it!

After you did that, put this sock bag into another clean sock and tie a knot up.

Now, you've made yourself a moisture absorbent!! Congrats!!

#1 Watch it

Though I explained it in a detailed way, watching a video about it will be more helpful for you eh???

Here it is!!

Help yourself first!! You can thank me later.

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