Remember Britney Spears' Little Sister? This Is How She Looks Now!


#5 Sisterly Fame.

#5 Sisterly Fame.

The 'Womanizer' girl, Britney Spears had an uphill battle to achieve such great heights. This American singer, dancer and actor has sacrificed her childhood to fulfill her dreams. As she acquired the fame, her baby sister, Jamie, as well walked on the same path, following her elder sister.

Jamie is the youngest among the three and since the age of 9 she was spotted hanging out with her sister and Justin Timberlake.

#4 The Star Kid.

#4 The Star Kid.

Jamie had made her first appearance behind the lens at the age of 11. She had her debut in the film industry in the year 2002.

Being into the limelight of stardom, even Britney loved to take her baby sister to almost all the award shows she was invited to.

#3 The Stepping Stone.

#3 The Stepping Stone.

Once she was familiar with the acting and all the other cinematographic stuff, she went on and was aired in Nickelodeon's 'All That'

Jamie took some serious interest in this celebrity glory and was in the lead in sitcom's Zoey 101 and then later, she was voiced for the main song in in the 'Follow Me'

#2 The Downfall.

#2 The Downfall.

So when fame takes a toll on you, this is what you get. Jamie was pregnant while she was in her teenage phase. Her career was racked and ruined. Though many words heard in the grapevine, she had a bad time

In 2008, she gave birth to a little princess. Jamie's world revolved around her baby girl and she decided to give up all the spotlights and settled to become a great mother.

#1 And Finally She Tied The Knot.

#1 And Finally  She Tied The Knot.

In between, to avoid the critisims and pointing fingers, she began with writing songs.

Jamie found her soulmate, fell in love with him and in 2014, Jamie Spears got hitched with a business man Jamie Watson.

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